It’s true that virtual meetings can be really beneficially for businesses today. However, they can also be incredibly challenging. Before your company decides to go ahead with a virtual meeting, it’s worth finding out everything you can about this innovative platform.

Despite the many improvements added to virtual meeting platforms over the years, some businesses are still applying outdated strategies which sadly don’t prove to be very effective. So what exactly do you need to know about virtual meetings?


You should always have a clear agenda

A lack of preparation is one of the key issues businesses face with virtual meetings. They do offer a more relaxed setting, but this doesn’t mean they don’t need to be prepared for. Having a clear agenda really enhances the meeting and ensures attendees know exactly what to expect throughout. It also gives them an opportunity to think about the topics due to be covered and prepare any questions they may have in advance.

The agenda should ideally address three main questions. These include:

1. What is going to be covered?

2. How much time is going to be allocated to each issue?

3. What should be achieved at the end of the meeting?

You don’t have to make it too elaborate, just focus on the most important points to be covered.

How it works

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but many businesses attempt to just jump right into a virtual meeting without familiarising themselves with how the platform works. Each virtual meeting technology is different, so it’s important to try it out prior to the meeting so you know exactly how to use it. Actually understanding how virtual meetings work in general is also useful.

Of course, as well as getting to grips with virtual meeting software, you also need to ensure you’re choosing a reliable platform. V-Creative is one of the leading UK suppliers and facilitators of virtual meeting and training platforms.

They should never replace face to face meetings completely

Finally, it’s extremely important to realise that virtual meetings should never completely replace face to face meetings. There are benefits to both platforms and while virtual meetings can save costs and be more convenient for remote workers, sometimes a face to face meeting is much more effective. The majority of your meetings could be switched to a virtual platform, but leave the more important meetings for face to face interaction.

These are just some of the things your business really needs to know about virtual meetings. When done properly they are extremely effective and provide numerous benefits to your business.

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