If you’re thinking of expanding into virtual training, you’ll soon find it’s not quite as simple as you thought it was going to be. There’s a lot to consider before you start hosting online training sessions. Plenty of things can go wrong and each session requires a lot of preparation. Then there’s the technical side to think about. Do you know how everything works? Would you know how to fix a technical issue if it arose?

These are just some of things you need to take into account. One option you have which will help make it a lot easier is hiring a training facilitator. Many companies do this and there are a lot of benefits that come from hiring a professional. The question is, do you need one?


The role of the virtual training facilitator

A virtual training facilitator basically takes over the meeting to ensure it achieves the goals set. There are many different types of facilitators out there, so it’s important to compare the different services on offer in order to find the right one for your business. For example, some facilitators specialise in one particular industry, while others have worked for all kinds of sectors.

Ideally you want a facilitator that’s flexible. V-Creative for example, offers a tailor-made solution for each client. Its facilitators are able to take over all, or just parts of the meeting to fit your requirements.


The benefits

There are many benefits that come from hiring a professional facilitator. What many businesses don’t realise when they start out in virtual training, is the number of challenges it presents. In particular, it’s incredibly difficult to ensure participants are fully engaged throughout and that they remember the training provided in the video.

A facilitator knows exactly how to keep your audience engaged throughout. They can help you develop effective, attention-grabbing sessions that will really deliver the required results.

Of course there’s also the technical issues to worry about. If you’re not a technological expert, getting to grips with the technical requirements of a virtual training session can be difficult. A facilitator can help take over the technical side, leaving you free to work solely on developing a comprehensive training plan.

Overall virtual training facilitators are becoming more popular and it isn’t hard to see why. It’s hard to get results via an online platform if you have no prior experience. So if you haven’t hired a facilitator yet, now is the time to consider it.

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