When you look into the benefits of virtual training, you’ll most commonly find information on cost savings, travel-cutting and convenience. What isn’t often discussed is the deeper benefits of the virtual classroom. In particular, it’s recently emerged that virtual training is helping to improve global gender equality.


Digital fluency helping to level the playing field

Research has recently been carried out by Accenture, which showed both men and women have the exact same level of digital fluency. Women have even been shown to be better at using digital methods to further their education and find employment. The research involved 5,000 men and women from 31 different countries.

It didn’t just focus on how technology is used to find work, it also looked at how they use it in their everyday lives. So how exactly is virtual training helping women to gain more equality to their male colleagues?


Developing skills via an unbiased platform

Times may have changed, but gender equality is still sadly something that is rife in the business world. One of the key challenges women face when it comes to training is they often struggle to get noticed ahead of their male colleagues.

While this certainly isn’t the case in all sectors, there are some that are notoriously more male-driven. Virtual training creates a level playing field, enabling women to have the same level of access to materials and having their questions addressed on a one-to-one basis.

There are two ways you can host virtual training sessions. The first is doing it live and having all participants attend at a scheduled time. The second is pre-recording the sessions using a reliable platform. The latter is great for promoting gender equality, as it enables each participant to focus solely on the sessions without fear of shrinking into the background, giving women an equal learning opportunity.

Of course, actually hosting gender equality training sessions is another way to bridge the gap. There are several large organisations which focus purely on gender equality training. By making gender equality part of your company’s virtual training program, it improves not just your employee’s satisfaction, but also boosts your brand reputation, showing both the community and potential future employees that you care about the important issue of gender equality.

Overall virtual training has provided businesses with so many new and exciting opportunities. The fact that it improves gender equality is a major benefit and something that shouldn’t be ignored.

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