V – Creative is a live virtual meeting management service. Founded by Sam Barnes and Hakeem Adebiyi to address a common modern day challenge….

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How can I collaborate efficiently with customers & colleagues in different locations without all the financial and logistical implications?


Most people respond to this problem either by communicating less or communicating less effectively.

V – Creative is a professional live virtual meeting management service

Choosing V – Rooms from V – Creative means that your virtual needs will be expertly managed so that your on-line meetings and training sessions will run smoothly, fully engage your delegates and achieve your objectives.

The V – Creative Difference

The difference between V – Rooms and other solutions is that we combine a state of the art virtual platform with over 30 years experience of outcome driven training delivery.

V- Creative will transform dull webinars into immersive, engaging & interactive sessions, we will change your perceptions of virtual meetings forever

Using virtual technology can be frustrating and the outcomes less than satisfactory.

 It’s as close to being in the same room as you can get without embarking on the journey!

V – Rooms from V – Creative will not only transform your virtual sessions it will;

Save you time
Save you money
Improve outcomes
Help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Four great reasons for you to feel good about choosing a VRoom for your next virtual meeting

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