Who are V - Creative?

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V - Creative is a live virtual meeting management service. Founded by Sam Barnes and Hakeem Adebiyi to address the common modern day meeting challenges....

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What do we do

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At V-Creative we manage all aspects of your virtual meetings for you allowing you to concentrate on working with your teams more closely. ...

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Why use V - Creative?

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If you are able to deliver the same meeting outcomes without the cost of travel, meeting rooms and times off the road wouldn't that help your Return On Investment ....

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V - Creative

V - Rooms is a virtual meeting room.   It is V – Creatives’ solution to the common modern problem,   “HOW” to bring groups of people together for regular communication without expensive and logistical challenges.   As organisations search for better ways to collaborate and achieve their strategic goals V - Rooms will help transform the way we do business in our increasingly global village for years to come.

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Your Competitors Are Using Virtual Training. Shouldn’t You?

Navigating a business by looking in the rear-view mirror is a surefire way to lose your competitive edge. When Sony first released the Walkman in 1979, they quickly positioned the product as a new way to experience songs, pushing music to levels of portability that had never been seen before. At the turn of the […]

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Training the Trainer – Making You a Better Virtual Leader

Virtual training is a lot harder than it sounds. While it may be more convenient and save a lot of money, it comes with a lot of challenges for the trainer. You don’t realise just how much harder leading a virtual session can be until you try to put it all together. There are many […]

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Virtual Training Tips – 3 Ways to Make Sure Participants Remember Materials

Did you know that around 90% of the things we learn tend to get forgotten within just 3-6 days? That is of course, unless we come up with ways to keep remembering the information learned. It’s one of the toughest challenges to overcome as a virtual trainer – how to make sure your participants remember […]

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Top 3 Benefits of Podcasts

There are so many different ways you can market your business online these days and one that is often overlooked is podcasts. This is largely because at one time creating a podcast took a lot of skill and effort. However, they’ve come a long way over the past few years and they’ve grown to become […]

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Benefits of Live Online Learning for Businesses

The internet has really expanded the training opportunities available in business. While face to face training will always remain valuable in certain situations, online learning has definitely benefitted companies around the world. There are two main ways to incorporate online training into your business. The first is to pre-record sessions, allowing employees to learn at […]

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Is Your Small Business Protected Against Cyber Crime?

A recent report published by the Federation of Small Businesses, has discovered small businesses are suffering the most from cyber related crime. As more businesses turn to the internet to expand and grow, fraudsters see it as a perfect opportunity to attack. Start-ups are particularly vulnerable as they often have no idea how to keep […]

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Virtual Work Experience – An Ideal Way to Introduce Young People into the Workplace?

With virtual technology taking over all aspects of life, it was only a matter of time before virtual work experience was introduced. Designed to help prepare students for the modern workplace, the virtual platform is a revolutionary step that could soon become the norm. So what is virtual work experience and is it really an […]

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Virtual Training Facilitators – Do You Need One?

If you’re thinking of expanding into virtual training, you’ll soon find it’s not quite as simple as you thought it was going to be. There’s a lot to consider before you start hosting online training sessions. Plenty of things can go wrong and each session requires a lot of preparation. Then there’s the technical side […]

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How Virtual Training is Helping to Improve Global Gender Equality

When you look into the benefits of virtual training, you’ll most commonly find information on cost savings, travel-cutting and convenience. What isn’t often discussed is the deeper benefits of the virtual classroom. In particular, it’s recently emerged that virtual training is helping to improve global gender equality.   Digital fluency helping to level the playing […]

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What All Businesses Need to Know About Virtual Meetings

It’s true that virtual meetings can be really beneficially for businesses today. However, they can also be incredibly challenging. Before your company decides to go ahead with a virtual meeting, it’s worth finding out everything you can about this innovative platform. Despite the many improvements added to virtual meeting platforms over the years, some businesses […]

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How to Avoid the Chaos of Virtual Meetings

One thing many businesses aren’t prepared for when they switch to virtual meetings, is the chaos that can come with them. This is especially true when it comes to audio-only meetings. Without proper organisation, your meeting could quickly spiral out of control, proving extremely ineffective and stressful to run. So how can you avoid the […]

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